What Is Numerology

What Is Numerology All About?

Associating numbers with meaning is not a modern concept, and it is definitely not a fad. The concept has existed since the earliest centuries. By starting with the question, “What is Numerology all about?” one begins to learn exciting new ways to look at yourself, your life and the world around you.

Numerology is the mystical or divine relationship between events and numbers. In addition, every letter in names and words have a numerical value.

One of the first references came from St. Augustine of Hippo. He believed there were numerical relationships and connections to everything. Christian authorities during that particular era did not approve of numerology. However, the interest in sacred numbers did not disappear.

All around the world and in libraries one can find a variety of systems used to calculate numerology. For individuals who use the traditional Latin alphabet, each letter is given a numerical value. By tallying the sum value of all of these numbers you arrive at the final number. There are many variations, but this is the simplest approach.

While some people believe numerology is a pseudoscience, a superstition, and has no real significance, others wholeheartedly disagree. Individuals count on numerology for practical purposes such as understanding themselves and planning their futures, to choosing lucky numbers for gambling and entertainment. The answer to the question “What is Numerology all about?” depends primarily on the individual and his or her personal interests.

Numerology as a concept can be considered mystical, rather than scientific. People who initially become interested in this subject perceive the question, “What is numerology?” as a mathematical concept.

However, you do not need to be an expert in math, physics, or meta-science to understand, enjoy and appreciate the benefits of numerology. By simply asking the question, “What is numerology?” you will find answers that enrich and enhance your life.

Numerology And Astrology

There is much more to astrology than reading the daily horoscope in your favorite blog or magazine. When numerology and astrology are combined, it is possible to discover numbers that specifically relate to your personality. In astrology, the numerological aspect is known as your Life Path Number.

Your personal Life Path Number is derived from your date of birth. This is different from traditional astrology, which focuses on the months and seasons of your birth date. If you are not familiar with numerical astrology, you can enter your birth date on a chart. This will help you find the zodiac sign for your daily numeroscope.

Numerology And Astrology Relationship

Similar to traditional astrology and horoscopes, numerical astrology can provide information and useful advice on topics such as money, health, career, and love. You can learn about opportunities, challenges, and advice on making decisions in your daily life. If you have any specific concerns or worries, you can gain inspiration and hope from numeric astrology.

Numeric Astrology

This special form of astrology can help you learn about yourself, too. Whether you are young, at a turning point in your life, or simply need more self-confidence and insight, this astrology based on numerology can help you understand your personal traits and characteristics. With astrology, you can understand your strengths and weaknesses, and experience personal growth.

Astrology is the simplest approach to numerology. As your environment and beliefs are likely to influence you during your entire lifetime, astrology can be your guide for success, happiness and nurturing a fulfilling life. Numeric astrology is not for every person born in your birth month, it is something special for you, your name and birth date.

Numerology Meanings

There are many different approaches to numerology meanings. The most personal numerology meanings use your birth date, your name, or both your birthdate and name. When calculating numerology using the letters of your name, each letter is associated with a number. Whether calculating by name or birth date, the final numbers are added together and reduced to a single digit. These digits reveal your personality.

With this approach, numerology meanings go further. The results you receive from your numerology readings can show where you do not have balance in your life. This can be an important key to making changes so your life will be better and you will be happier. Each path has different numbers that represent them, so it is important to learn your own numerology numbers so that you may better understand yourself and where you are on your personal destiny.

Numerology meanings are not all about birth dates. There are many other approaches that you may find interesting. One example is that many people have a favorite number – a number that has special meaning to them. You can find the numerology meanings associated with the number you have chosen. From your character traits to your negative tendencies, numerology meanings help you learn about yourself. The numbers you choose to reflect in your life say more about you than one may have thought possible.

Numerology number meanings can be found in many places. Another example covers spiritual meanings. Each individual planet, including the Sun, connects transcendently with a number. The spiritual approach to numerology number meanings can be the key to understanding your life experiences and events in your life.

Numerology In Christianity And Judaism

While some people disapprove of numerology because it is often connected to the occult and similar practices, there are numerology number meanings in the Bible, too. If you read and enjoy the Bible, you may be fascinated when you learn about Biblical number meanings.

The Biblical meanings that are easiest to understand involve the significance of individual numbers. For example, the number three is said to symbolize perfection. Even dogs and cats can play an important role within the significance of numbers. This includes the three celebrations during Easter Triduum, three daily prayers in the Old Testament, and three traditional Jewish feasts.

The number seven symbolizes completeness. In addition to seven days in each week, and seven sacraments, you can find many examples in the Book of Revelation concerning the number seven.

The number eight symbolizes infinity and new life. Jewish males were traditionally circumcised on the eighth day after their birth. Noah’s Ark contained eight individual people. While Christians can find meanings associated with numbers in the Bible, numbers also have an important role in ritual practices in the Jewish religion. This alphanumeric code is known as Gematria.

What this means for you is that regardless of your particular religion, the question, “What is numerology?” is not incompatible with your religion or its beliefs. You can learn, practice, and benefit, whether you belong to a specific religion or none at all. Upon closer viewing, significant numbers are found in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. A little research will open up a whole new way of understanding numbers in the Bible.

Seeing Numbers While Dreaming

It is also not uncommon to find numbers in dreams. Learning about yourself and your life can start by interpreting the symbolism of the numbers in your dreams. Addresses, telephone numbers, and other numbers may also appear in your dreams. From hopes to fears, numbers that appear in dreams can be an important key to understanding oneself. Much of everyday life which may seem unexplainable is revealed. Knowing this information can be a source of comfort, insight, or a step toward making positive changes in your daily habits.

Why Should I Be Interested?

Learning about special numbers will benefit you in many ways. One of the most common reasons people decide to learn about number meanings is that they want to understand themselves and improve the lives of the people around them. They want the best chance for good health, happiness, success, and satisfying relationships because they understand the interrelationship between numerology and personal life. These opportunities come from knowing who you are, and understanding the traits that make you a unique individual.

Numeric astrology will provide these opportunities. The similarities of characteristics between numerology and everyday life are staggering. The important thing is to be aware of, as well as recognize, numbers that you can use to make decisions. Numerology is an excellent skill to gain self-confidence, make plans, and take action for your future.

Your special number and spiritual meanings can be useful, too. Everyone can benefit from learning about themselves. Whether you choose numerology for fun or for personal insight, learning is well worth your time.

Biblical number meanings are also fascinating. You can have an entirely new way of looking at the Bible, and have a new way of understanding it. This is something you can enjoy, whether you are religious or not.

You can choose any approach you feel is most appropriate to perceive numerology number meanings. Whether you view numerology as a hobby, entertainment, a step toward self-understanding, a new way to look at your religion, or as an opportunity to create a better life for yourself, you will not be disappointed. The amazing power of numbers has something wonderful to offer to anyone willing to listen. Your entire life will change for the better when you start to understand the significance of numbers.

What Numerology Can Do For You

Choose the approach you believe is the best, and prepare for many exciting revelations ahead. When you start learning about the meanings of numbers, you can decide to keep the information to yourself or share it with your family members and friends. You will surely find people in your life who are interested in and will benefit from learning, too.

Numbers In Numerology Woman
Numerology is a branch of knowledge that deals with the significance of numbers.

Once numerology becomes a part of your understanding you will no longer see numbers as an unimportant part of your daily life. You will come to appreciate them because they can make a difference in your life. You will have an entirely new way of viewing yourself, the world, and the opportunities ahead for the future. When you start to explore numerology, the number meanings can change your life.

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