Numerology Compatibility

The Basics Of Numerology Compatibility

Have you ever thought about the reason why there are certain people that you attract or you feel an attraction towards? Or perhaps you have wondered which star sign you are most compatible with? Well, you can get some of these questions answered through numerology. In fact, you can use numerology first to find out more about yourself, and then also the types of people you are the most compatible with.

If you think back to past friendships and relationships, you might already have a vague idea why you liked these individuals. Some of these examples may have included their values, the way they care about others, or even something like their dry sense of humor. Numerology can let you in on many of your own personal traits, along with other star signs or types of people that you are more compatible with.

What You Need To Know About Numerology Compatibility Name And Date Of Birth

Numerology is explained as a study associated with the numerological value about your life, which will include the date that you were born and your name. Numerology is based on the belief that numbers happen to be a universal language.

When calculating specific numbers using numerology, which includes the number that you come up with using your birth date and your name, it can give you a lot of information about an individual, their life, and their traits.

Numerology works on every letter in the alphabet which will correspond to a specific number. You are also able to utilize these numbers in order to determine a person’s Life Path Number. The Life Path Number will give you more information on either your own Life Path or somebody else’s Life Path, which will include the challenges or blessings that they might face.

It is not clear, exactly where Numerology originates from, yet numerological beliefs have been recorded in the writings from the very earliest cultures.

Finding Your Life Path Number

To arrive at your Life Path Number when using numerology, you will begin by adding the numbers from your date of birth. For example, if you were born on the 16 December 1991, here is an illustration on how to calculate your Life Path Number. When it comes to double digits, you will need to add these numbers together until you arrive at a single digit number. For example, if you reach at number 20, you would add 2+0 which will give you the number 2.

Example of if you were born on the 16 December 1991:

  • The Day: 1+ 6 = 7
  • The Month: 1 + 2 = 3
  • The Year: 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 20 = 2 + 0 = 2
  • 7 + 3 + 2 = 12
  • 1 + 2 = 3
  • The Life Path Number is 3

Once you have found out what your exact Life Path Number is by hand or with a numerology calculator you can find out more about your journey by using this number and decide on which number is most compatible with your traits.

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Numerology Compatibility And Life Path Numbers

In this section, we will now let you know about the compatibility associated with each of the Life Path Numbers, as well as who is suited to using the different Life Path Numbers.

Numerology Compatibility Chart

Marriage Compatibility

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Life Path Number One

Life Path Number 1 is more compatible with the Life Path Numbers 3, 5, and 6.

Number 1’s are in some cases a bit opinionated and bossy. 5 and 3’s can deal with this type of character because they have the kind of traits that assist them in dealing with this a lot easier.

The number 1’s often prefer to take charge of things, or they can feel a bit serious or stressed. The number 3 has a happy-go-lucky character that helps to bring light to specific situations that a number 1 find’s themselves in, and they can often give a number 1 a more balanced feeling.

The number 5 is also able to achieve this for a number 1 along with providing a number 1 with more dynamic energy which is often beneficial to the relationship.

The number 6 is also a good match for a number 1, as the number 6 individuals are remarkably harmonious and usually get along very well with just about everyone. The number 6 is also very loving and caring.

Life Path Number Two

The people with a Life Path Number 2 are most compatible with the Life Path Numbers 6,8, and 9.

If you are a Life Path Number 2, you are more than likely a peacemaker and often like to see every side of a story. You also find it easier to handle situations that are often difficult.

This trait makes you extremely compatible with a number 8, who often becomes indecisive. These two numbers can balance and help one another out.

A number 9 is also considered a good match for a number 2 and they share similar traits. The number 9’s are composed and classy which is very similar to a number 2. However, the number 9 also has a goofy side, which can easily provide more balance to the situations that become serious that may occur in these relationships.

Number 6 is also an excellent fit for a number 2. The number 6 life path individuals are caring and loving, and they are known for getting along with just about every person that they meet. With the peacemaker character of the number 2, the number 6 and 2 usually get along very well.

Life Path Number Three

The Life Path Number 3 is more compatible with the 1, 5, and 7 Life Path Numbers.

Life Path Number 3 is associated with chaotic and creative traits. This number is linked to individuals that are very independent along with higher levels of self-expression.

These trait types of the best suited with the traits of a number 5 life path. The number 5 matches up to needs for unpredictability and chaos of the number 3’s. A number 5 Life Path Number is daring and adventurous, which means when these two numbers hook up they will probably go on lots of adventures together.

Because the Life Path Number 3 is usually highly creative, a number 7 can help a number 3 to explore new depths and an appreciation for their work and their life. The number 7 may be introverted, yet they are also mystical and can assist a number 3 in showing them the things they may not know about or see about this life.

The number 3 Life Path Number can also go well with the number 1 life path. Even though the number 1 can often become slightly critical of a number 3, the number 1 is often able to get away easily with their criticism because these 2 numbers usually get along exceptionally well together.

Life Path Number Four

Life Path Number 4 is usually more compatible with the Life Path Numbers 1, 7, and 8.

The number 4 is typically extremely hardworking, very disciplined and grounded. They are also sometimes practical and serious. The Life Path 4, requires a stable and lasting relationship which is stronger than any of the other numbers. This does not have anything to do with not wanting to end up alone, but rather that the 4’s value the routine and grounded lifestyle that is linked with long-lasting relationships. For these reasons, it is best for a number 4 to avoid an unpredictable and playful 3, along with the restless, attractive and dynamic 5.

The number 8 life path is also disciplined and organized, which can mean that these two numbers make a fantastic match. The number 8’s are also visionaries, while number 4 also focuses more on the details. This can offer balance when it comes to a relationship between a 4 and an 8.

The thought-provoking and spiritual number 7, is also able to get along well with the grounded nature of the number 4. A number 7 can often give a number 4 life path a sense of wonder, and these relationships are usually very well balanced as well as lasting.

Life Path Number 1 can also offer an excellent match to a Life Path Number 4 as the number 1’s are also determined and focused. These traits can often prove to be an excellent match for number 4 and a number 1.

Life Path Number Five

People that have a Life Path Number 5 will match well with individuals with a Life Path Number of 1,3, or 7.

Life Path Number 5 is associated with people that are incredibly devoted and loyal in their relationships. This number is also linked with restlessness. The number 5 will more than likely look for a person that is not predictable or demanding.

The number 1 Life Path might be a compatible match for a number 5, and this is because the number 1’s are usually courageous and daring. This might mean that a relationship between these two numbers would never include predictable or dull moments.

A number 3 is also considered an excellent match for number 5, and this is because a number 3 can often be playful as well as imaginative. Once again, this can provide a number 5 with an unpredictable relationship which is what they prefer.

Life Path Number 7 can also work with a number 5. The number 7 is usually reclusive and enjoys time on their own. This can bring about the ideal balance when considering a relationship with the number 5.

Life Path Number Six

For people with the Life Path Number 6, they are in most cases compatible with all the other Life Path Numbers which include 1, 2, 8, and 9.
The people with a number 6 Life Path are usually very warm and loving. They are also extraordinarily compassionate and enjoy nurturing others.

The Life Path Number 1 works well with a 6 because they are extraordinarily heroic and driven. The number 6 is caring and can look after a number 1, which is what they usually want or crave from a relationship.

Life Path Number 2 includes people that are mainly guided by the heart rather than the mind, which is remarkably similar to a number 6. This is the trait that makes a number 2 and a number 6 a good match.

The number 8 and 9 Life Path are also included as compatible with a number 6. For example, number 9 is usually sympathetic and conscientious. This is helpful for a number 6, who is more than likely in search of a person that is very compassionate and can care for the emotional needs of a number 6.

On the other hand, the people with a Life Path Number 8 are authoritative and robust. This means they can care for a number 6 just as well as the number 6 can care for them.

Life Path Number Seven

The people who fall under the Life Path Number 7 are believed to be more compatible with the numbers 3 and 5 Life Paths. The individuals with a Life Path Number 7 are usually a bit reserved, and some of them are loners which means they prefer spending time alone rather than surrounding themselves with others. It is this trait that can in some cases make it a bit difficult for a number 7 to find a relationship or love.

The number 7 life path is the best matched with number 3. The Life Path Number 3 can in some cases help a number 7 to feel relaxed and more confident. The imagination and creativity of a number 3 can help to expand the horizons of the number 7.

The people with a Life Path Number 5 can also work out well with a number 7. This has to do with that the number 5 will often surprise their partner in a relationship. This means the 7 never knows what next to expect which is one of the traits they enjoy from a relationship.

Life Path Number Eight

People who are classified as a Life Path Number 8 will work well with Life Path Numbers 2, 4, along with 6.

Life Path Number 8 is usually a person that likes control and they don’t enjoy their partner trying to take advantage or charge of them. The number 8 also has a particularly strong desire when it comes to succeeding or obtaining recognition when it comes to their achievements.

The number 2 can be compatible with a number 8, because the 2 will always look at each side of the situation, and they always strive to be a peacemaker. They will also listen to what a number 8 has to say, and they usually will not attempt to try and take over a situation.

Perhaps the best match for a number 8 would be a number 4. This is because both these Life Path Numbers are associated with traits that are goal-orientated, practical and grounded. The number 4 is the closest match when it comes to the characteristics of a number 8, which is why these two numbers usually end up getting along exceptionally well.

While the romantic relationships that occur between an 8 and 4 work out very well due to the commonalities that they share, a work or business relationship will work just as well because these two numbers supplement one another. The 8 can see the bigger picture, while no details will escape the 4.

Life Path Number 6 could also work well with the Life Path Number 8. This is because the number 6 is loving and compassionate, and it also means that the number 6 is more than likely able to handle the bossy tendencies of a number 8.

The people that have a Life Path Number 6 are also usually hugely sacrificing, which means they will often never try to control a number 8, provided that the number 8 never attempts to take advantage or abuse the kind, nurturing and compassionate nature of a number 6.

Life Path Number Nine

Life Path Number 9 is said to be more compatible with people that have a Life Path Number of 2 and 6.

The number 9’s are typically secretive people and often prefer to keep their distance. It is this trait that can make it more difficult for a Life Path Number 9 to find love or even a relationship. The number 9’s do not enjoy being vulnerable.

However, the 9s can be a fantastic match with a number 2. The number 2 can easily see through and past the secretive tendencies of a number 9. This means they can help a number 9 to break down their walls, which means the number 9 is more likely to open up to a number 2.

Another match that works well with the Life Path Number 9 would be the Life Path Number 6. The 9’s and the 6s, share a lot in common. Some of these common traits include that they both have a keen sense of “community” and they are generally both very genuine people. These traits are favorable when 6 and 9 are starting to build a relationship.

Numerology Love Compatibility

Finding Your Numerology Compatibility

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