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How To Calculate Your Destiny Number By Hand

In order to arrive at your Destiny Number, you will start by using the full name you were given at birth.

Here is an example of how to calculate the Destiny Number by hand for David Johnny Jones.


Step 1: All consonants and vowels of the name are assigned to a number corresponding to a Pythagorean numerology chart.

Pythagorean Numerology Chart

Step 2: Add the numbers together.


D = 4, A = 1, V = 4, I = 9, D = 4, J = 1, O = 6, H = 8, N = 5, N = 5, Y = 7, J = 1, O = 6, N = 5, E = 5, S = 1

Total = 4 + 1 + 4 + 9 + 4 + 1 + 6 + 8 + 5 + 5 + 7 + 1 + 6 + 5 + 5 + 1
Total = (4 + 1 + 4 + 9 + 4) + (1 + 6 + 8 + 5 + 5 + 7) + (1 + 6 + 5 + 5 + 1) 
Total = 22 + 32 + 18
Total = 72

The total will come out to 72.

Step 3: If the total is 11, 22, or 33 then the Destiny Number is a master number.

Step 4: If not, then this number is then further reduced to a single number by adding the digits 7 + 2, which equals 9.

Destiny Number = 7 + 2
Destiny Number = 9

Step 5: The Destiny Number for David Johnny Jones is 9.

Destiny Number Meaning

Your Destiny Number which also goes by the name of the Expression Number is a crucial component that complements the Life Path Number.

  • The manner and flavor of things, which you need to act on or cultivate in your own life.
  • The stumbling blocks you may face along with opportunities that can bring you success to achieve your fullest potential.
  • It offers you an overall idea of how to take advantage of your life experiences.
  • The career paths that will naturally complement your overall life purpose.

When you know what your Destiny Number or Expression Number is, you will gain a fuller understanding of your inner goals, talents, and abilities.

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Destiny Number 1

These people have a goal to become number 1 in everything that they do in their lives. They should be focused on developing their authentic and true self to become the best leaders in any field that they feel the most skilled in or passionate about. These people are focused on power, and they strive to be the very best in all things that they do. They also expect high standards from others. This can lead to disappointments and frustration when things do not go their way.

The purpose of this Destiny Number is to take the initiative or the lead, as these people are never low-key or lack-luster. This personality type acts independently, has courage, is innovative and knows how to take charge.

Destiny Number 2

This Destiny Number involves individuals that bring people into harmony and togetherness. The number twos are all about creating balance, peace, love, and cooperation whatever they decide to do or wherever they may go. Love is a cornerstone in the life of a 2 and finding the perfect match is very important to these people.

The path of Destiny Number 2 includes the development of diplomacy. These people also need to work on developing adaptability, an open-hearted caring along with always keeping their focus on the overall higher good. These people also need to understand that they have to socialize because if they isolate themselves, they commonly suffer from depression, pessimism, along with inaction.

Destiny Number 3

The purpose of Destiny Number 3 is to motivate, uplift, heal and inspire others. These people are very focused on performance, regardless of how this manifests in their lives. Their ultimate goal comes from operating through a core-sense involving joy, compassion, enthusiasm, and of course optimism.

The qualities that the Destiny Number 3s bring about include fame, excitement, eccentricity, and beauty. When these people can tap into their authentic selves, they can inspire others by fulfilling their life's purpose. If this type of person puts their dreams and aspirations to the side, they will battle with issues such as depression, or find themselves going down destructive or unsatisfying paths. It is essential to pursue their true calling, which means they need to make a conscious effort to consider what this may mean for them and never be afraid to embrace it.

Destiny Number Revealed

Destiny Number 4

The destiny of number 4s is to leave behind something that is valuable that others will find to be beneficial in day-to-day life. The 4s are focused on building things that offer lasting value. This could include a family of their own, an enterprise or a business. These people are all about security and stability. These are hard workers and are often the pillar of a community.

The 4s have the ability to become stellar business or marriage partners. The life purpose of a 4 revolves around hard work and practicality. These individuals are also systems builders. They like to keep order and thrive on security and stability.

Destiny Number 5

The Destiny Number 5 revolves around people that strive for effecting change as well as showing others how to take full advantage of this life. These are freewheeling people that naturally gravitate towards a mission that involves freedom, progress, adaptability, and embracing every adventure that life throws at them. Their guiding force is always about freedom, yet the lesson of a 5 is to develop how to use this freedom constructively.

They also have a purpose of embracing fearlessness and of following their curiosity, while offering their magnetic gifts and presence to people around them. In most cases, the Destiny Number 5 people are spiritually minded, philosophical, and intelligent.

The 5s are natural salespeople, especially when they are selling something that they feel passionate about. This is a Destiny Number that will lead these individuals on roller coasters, and life can often feel like it is coming through without any filters. The destiny for these people is of freedom and liberation, regardless of which way you look at it.

Destiny Number 6

The destiny of the 6's is to provide a safe and nurturing nest for themselves and their loved ones. They have a mission to serve and nurture. Regardless of whether it is their loved ones, family, their business or community, these people have a gift of creating balance, harmony, and beauty. Love combined with acceptance is the driving force for Destiny Number 6.

These people usually have polished presentations and denote a sense of authority in everything that they do. A skilled area where these individuals thrive includes damage control. This can mean that these people have the tendency to wait for drama or trauma to unfold, or they will even shake things up so that they have an issue that they can channel their energies into. The 6s need to permit themselves to accept life when everything is going smoothly and well.

Destiny Number 7

The destiny of the 7 is to develop faith and trust and to find the answers to life's meaning. These people have a mission to find information and then to analyze it. These people are mainly focused on spiritual seeking and knowledge. These people contemplate heavily and dig very deep. The 7s make the best researchers, yet their life-long task involves finding out who their true self is from the inside out.

If you are a number 7, you probably enjoy spending a lot of your time on your own. The instructions of your life involve powerful collision that occurs between physical and practical data and analyzing this.

Destiny Number 8

The path of destiny for a number 8 involves manifesting financial security which grants this number the freedom and opportunity to make a real difference to this world.

If you are a number 8, you have a calling to gain self-mastery in profound ways. You have a purpose to succeed and achieve when it comes to organization and business. This also includes personal power, authority, control, and most importantly, ethics. People with Destiny Number 8 are relentless taskmasters and often demand that others not only understand but also employ all their abilities to achieve and secure financial abundance. They also have a strong urge to give away these gifts and wealth in a generous manner. When an 8 comes to the realization that their purpose in this life is to achieve abundance and power, and they act on this new-found knowledge, their destiny is fulfilled.

The 8 needs to be mindful that they have a fantastic ability to change and improve other people's lives. They are masterful leaders and a powerhouse when it comes to material success. They are, however, easily misunderstood due to their stubborn, direct, forceful, and blunt manner. When they manage to thrive financially, and they give generously, and it comes from their heart, they are living a destined life path. The 8s should focus on not allowing their constant pursuit for wealth overshadows their abilities to create healthy relationships. They also need to concentrate on taking advice from others when it comes to building their empire.

Destiny Number 9

The destiny of the number 9 is to achieve higher states of consciousness while becoming a teacher to show others how to do the same. The mission of a 9 is humanitarian. They are on a spiritual path, and they are here always to love unconditionally, regardless of how this may manifest in their lives. The 9s are often hopeless romantics, and they can be susceptible to disappointments when others are not measuring up to their ideals. The 9s are at their peak when they tap into selflessness, sensitivity, and creativity.

The 9s need to beware of people that may find their ideas and beliefs to be a bit far-fetched. This is a powerful Destiny Number that demands that others need to learn how to heal and transform, while at the same time learning to let the past go and to live without bitterness.

Master Numbers

Destiny Number 11

People with Destiny Number 11 are here to transform and heal others through their artistic creativity and selfless service. Destiny Number 11 has a mission that is special to use and recognize their intuition, healing abilities, and creativity to benefit humanity. This can be achieved in many ways, by channeling emotional responses through music or dance, or working with one-on-one or in groups when it comes to different healing modalities.

Destiny Number 11 is a double 1 which is associated with confidence and leadership, as well as a 2 which is associated with love and harmony. The 11 is focused on pushing others into the spotlight, while they have a disconcerting effect on others. This can mean that others might feel like they cannot live up to the standards of an 11.

Destiny Number 22

The destiny of the number 22 is to bring about practical and inspiring ideas and masterful teaching. The mission for this Master number involves building and executing projects that will result in benefiting large arenas. This is one of the spiritual path numbers that prod the person into stepping out from the steady and slow security associated with number 4 and to improve on this substantially. This may feel uncomfortable for a 22 until they start getting used to their destiny and life purpose.

Destiny Number 33

The destiny for this Master Number revolves around inspired vision along with powerful healing. This is usually a challenge right from the very start. If you have the Destiny Number 33, your destiny, if you have chosen to accept it, is to become a Master Healer. This will involve bringing about love in higher forms to this earth. Due to the fact that you have a double 3, you need to approach this from an angle that includes expression, good heartfelt communications, fun and also joy.

You also have a calling to show and teach by example what love really is. You are the conduit when it comes to healing regardless of the level that you feel the most passionate about engaging.

What Do The Master Numbers 11 22 and 33 Mean

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