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How To Calculate Your Expression Number By Hand

To calculate your Expression Number or Destiny Number, you will add up the numbers which correspond to every letter in your name that appears on your birth certificate using what is known as the Pythagorean numerology chart.

Pythagorean Numerology Chart

Here is an example on how to work out the Expression Number for the name: Jane Doe 1 + 1 + 5 + 5 + 4 + 6 + 5. This will equal 27. If you arrive at a double-digit number when working out the sum for your name, you will then add these two digits together to get to your Expression Number which in this case would be the number 9. However, if when you add your numbers together, and you get to the number 11, 22, or 33 you do not add these numbers together as these are known as master numbers that have their special meanings.

If you have undergone a name change due to marriage, you were adopted, or you changed your name legally, it is important to calculate your birth name and your latest name. This is because the Expression Number gives you an explanation of the gifts that were bestowed on you when you were born, which means the Expression Number from birth is more accurate when using this specific core number. However, your latest Expression Number can also give you a few insights about your future and the Expression that you have chosen to move into from this change in your name. The Expression Number is regarded as your "core" self.

Expression Number Meaning

The Expression Number which is also called the Destiny Number is one of the five core numerology numbers. Your Expression Number can reveal more information about your talents and the challenges that guide and affect you over your life.

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Expression Number 1: The Authentic Leader

Similar to how the Life Path 1 means leadership, Expression Number 1 also does. This will mean that your core-self is a born and authentic leader who is passionate and you have high integrity. These high standards can in some cases result in frustration and disappointment, so learning about balance and patience is extremely important for these types of people.

You are destined for a life that is courageous in leadership roles. This usually means that your core-self will not feel satisfied if you try to stay under the radar or out of that limelight.

Expression Number 2: The Connector

For people with an Expression Number 2, your role in this life involves bringing people together in a harmonious, safe and loving atmosphere. The Expression Number 2 is associated with a gift which enables these types of people to understand human connections and relationships, and if you are born under this number, you can use these skills in a significant way. You will also excel in the jobs or career paths that require diplomatic skills. Your overall goal for this life is to make sure of things and be a socialite. If you ever feel like you need to withdraw from people and spend time alone, this is a sign of depression for an Expression Number 2, and you will need to find ways to get back to your calling.

You need to understand that you will not need reassurance consistently from other people in your life when it comes to deciding whether you are following the correct path. Just the act of being close to others means you are already on the ideal path.

Expression Number 3: The Optimist

Expression Number 3 is associated with characteristics such as inspirational energy, joy, optimism, uplifting and healing. If you fall under the Expression Number 3, you will have a natural gift to motivate and inspire others to reach their goals, and this will often play out without any conscious effort on your part. What you should be focused on is accepting that you have this special gift and become more social. Make sure you are always connecting with new people, and you will easily inspire these individuals with your creative solutions.

Number 3 will also mean that these individuals are very creative which often translates into various projects and ideas. Choosing one at a time and focusing on the idea or plan will bring about more success.

Expression Number 4: The Problem Solver

The gifts associated with Expression Number Four involves structure, problem-solving, hard work, and organization. These skills hold great value and can impart a life-changing impact on people around the 4s. People trust the 4s due to their integrity and high morals, which makes these people very successful when it comes to all types of business endeavors along with business partnerships.

Because the number 4 prefers stability, their biggest fears usually involve risk-taking. This might result in stubbornness and rigidness, which can be prevented when this type of person keeps an open mind to ideas that are unusual, forgiving themselves and becoming more creative.

Expression Number 5: The Free Spirit

Expression Number 5, when seen in any part of numerology, is associated with constant change. In the form of an Expression Number, it is a representation of adventure, a free spirit, and freedom. The goal for a number 5 generally involves living their lives to the very fullest, and when they achieve this, they inspire those around them. If you are a number 5, you can encourage your friends, family members or work colleagues by telling stories about your unique life experiences which is easy with your outstanding communication skills.

One of the challenges that face the 5s is to avoid going overboard where they might sacrifice their health, or get themselves into trouble or danger due to their adventurous nature. If you are an Expression Number 5, you need to set boundaries that are healthy for yourself.

Expression Number 6: The Nurturer

Expression Number 6 is classified as one of the more responsible numbers. If you fall under Expression Number 6, you have the gift to serve others, create loving relationships and to nurture. You will always be one of the best members in any of the communities that you are involved in, and you have a gift to create harmony in just about any situation that you face.

Because these people are always focused on the best for others, they tend to try and fix things. This is not always a bad thing, but these people need to keep in mind that while there are always things that need improvements, there is also great value in accepting life the way it is. If you are a 6, you are at your best when you remain in a state of flow and gratitude.

One of the main challenges for the 6s is that they should not forget that they also have needs and to take the necessary time needed to love, nurture and heal themselves.

Expression Number 7: The Knowledge Seeker

The number 7 in the Expression Numbers is linked to true knowledge seekers. For people that fall under this number, they cannot let a day go by without attempting to solve the mysteries of life and to figure out their meanings. The knowledge that these people seek might be mystic or scientific, which will be mainly dependent on what their personal interests are. These people usually match up well to the philosopher and researcher roles.

The challenge for the number 7s is not to be overly critical when it comes to others who do not understand the knowledge that they possess. These people can soften the way they approach others by focusing on more peace. This is possible through daily affirmations or meditation.

Expression Number 8: The Achiever

Expression Number 8 is linked to individuals that are highly determined and competitive. They also have the gift to achieve just about anything that they are focused on. These people are great at entrepreneurship and business.

Once a number 8 realizes that their destiny involves being financially abundant and prosperous, they can step into this role while assisting others around them when using this abundance. These people have the ability to better and change the lives of many people.

The most substantial challenge for the number 8s is to avoid becoming attached to the materialistic successes and to instead learn how to succeed on a spiritual level.

Expression Number 9: The Selfless Idealist

This is an Expression Number that is signal for spiritual growth along with a desire to save this world. It is a number that is linked to the idealists and humanitarians. It is also the number connected to higher states of consciousness. If you fall under Expression Number 9, your role on this Earth is to help and love others unconditionally, while at the same time focusing on staying on your spiritual journey. If you can achieve these two things you automatically help others achieve the same goals.

Number 9s biggest challenges are trusting others when they express themselves. The number 9 tends to be very open and authentic about the way they feel.

Expression Number 11: The Creative Healer

The people that fall under Expression Number 11 form a part of a group of highly unique individuals. If your Expression Number is 11, your creativity is unending, and you happen to be extremely powerful, yet in most cases, you might not be aware of this power. These people are very emotional, empathetic, as well as in tune when it comes to the cosmos and nature. The role of an 11 is to channel their gifts into creative pursuits. These people can easily become teachers, artists or writers.

The challenge for the 11s is to remain grounded, to heal themselves consistently and to keep a check on their egos.

Expression Number 22: The Practical Dreamer

People with Expression Number 22 are dreamers and gain inspiration from large projects that can assist humanity. These people possess a fantastic imagination, that can bring forth the ideas which can bring about dramatic changes to this world. The 22s are also very hardworking and are fantastic at making continuous secure and steady progress. The goal of the 22 is to really expand in both the material and spiritual dimensions and then bring these two together which makes those big dreams a lot more accessible and even possible to achieve.

The challenges that face Expression Number 22 is to get out of their comfort zones and to do away with any fears related to taking risks.

Expression Number 33: The Spiritual Teacher

Number 33 is also known as the Master Teacher. The individuals with the Expression Number 33 are filled with enlightenment and wisdom. If you have this Expression Number, you have a great deal of influence over others, and this includes a great deal of responsibility if you have this potential. Your role for this lifetime is to become a teacher or healer on grand levels. To achieve your destiny, you need to remain centered on joy, authenticity, gratitude, and love.

The primary challenge for the Expression Number 33, is never to think that these gifts are burdens. These people are not forced into healing every wound or person that they encounter. It is also essential for these healers to focus on treating people when they can.

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