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How To Calculate Your Life Path Number By Hand

A Life Path Number is worked out according to the birth date of an individual. This will include adding the day, the month and the year.

Here is an example of how to calculate the Life Path Number by hand for the accomplished filmmaker, Martin Scorsese, who was born on November 17th, 1942.

Step 1: The digits corresponding to the day, month, and year the person was born are input into the equation.

For Martin Scorsese, you would add together 17 (the day) + 11 (the month) + 1942 (the year).

Step 2: Add the values of each number group in the birth date together. Reduce each grouping to a single number.

Total = (1 + 7) + (1 + 1) + (1 + 9 + 4 + 2) = 8 + 2 + 16
Total = 8 + 2 + (1 + 6)
Total = 8 + 2 + 7
Total = 17

The total will come out to 17.

Step 3: If when adding the numbers from your birth date you arrive at the number 11, 22, or 33, you will stop there as these are Master Numbers that have their own unique meanings.

Step 4: If not, keep adding the single numbers together until you arrive at a single digit answer.

Step 5: From here you would add 1 + 7 which would give you the number 8.

Life Path Number = 1 + 7
Life Path Number = 8

Step 6: Martin Scorsese has the Life Path Number 8.

Life Path Number Meaning

What Your Life Path Number Reveals About Your Life Destiny

Numbers can tell you about your misfortunes and fortunes, an overview of your specific personality traits, along with aspects of your past, your present, and your future. This has to do with the fact that each number plays a significant role, while numerology assists us in decoding these traits and functions. One crucial way that numerology can decipher this information has to do with the Life Path Number. You can also use this number to help you with planning goals for your life.

A Life Path Number has to do with a sum derived from a person’s birth date. The Life Path Number represents individuals at the time that they were born along with the traits that are connected to that person that they will carry with them throughout their life. In summary, a Life Path Number is a description of the overall nature of the person.

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Life Path Number 1

People born under this number are natural leaders and highly independent. They have a desire that is strong to do things on their own when it comes to making it big. They are focused on achieving the very best for their lives and rarely settle for mediocre. These people usually become politicians, leaders, corporate leaders, army generals, etc.

They often take charge of situations or when it comes to coming up with a new idea. These motivated and enthusiastic individuals thrive on innovation and original ideas.

Life Path Number 1 Enjoys A Good Challenge

These people thrive on challenges and will work hard to win or fulfill it. They have strong convictions and incredible willpower. However, these people do not enjoy routine work but prefer to try out something new all the time. They are not shy when it comes to asserting ideas and they are usually highly ambitious. They are not able to handle rejection or criticism very well, and because they prefer to lead all the time, they often feel like they know everything. The Life Path Number 1 individuals can be arrogant and self-centered. Yet on the positive side, they are social, friendly, fun and witty creatures. These people should try not to boss others around.

Life Path Number 2

The individuals with Life Path Number 2 are old souls and are usually mature with an inclination that is strong towards spirituality. They are natural peacemakers and enjoy harmony. They are great at listening to the concerns or heartaches of others. They are very diplomatic when it comes to the way they approach things, and they are incredibly persuasive when they are trying to prove their point. They rely heavily on their intuition, and they are idealistic when it comes to nature.

Life Path Number 2 Is Very Diplomatic But Often Gets Hurt

The majority of the individuals that fall under Life Path 2 are fair and just. They are also visionaries that can envision the ideas and thoughts of others and adapt to any situation that they find themselves in. They are also very empathetic and first think about the feelings and opinions of others before they will make a decision. This is because they naturally only want the best for everyone involved.

These individuals are sincere, that blend well with most people and excel when it comes to group activities. However, these qualities can mean that these types of people are misunderstood as a zealot or opinionated that express far too many dislikes and likes. To prevent hurting others, they will often end up hurting themselves. Because this type of person is not always able to express what they are feeling, they have repressed anger and negative energy.

Life Path Number 3

These are creative individuals that possess excellent communication skills. These people find it easy to express the way that they are feeling, and this is one of the contributing factors to their success. They also excel when it comes to dramatics or acting, written skills, oratory and theatre skills. They are effervescent and bright personalities and typically spread optimism where ever they go. These individuals are also not shy when it comes to sharing ideas, and they thrive on showing off each talent that they have. They are the life of the party and charm people with their knowledge and wit.

Life Path Number 3 People Tend To Not Plan And Can Overspend

Due to the care-free nature of the 3s, these people are not great at planning for the future or handling money. This has more to do with that they are not bothered about these details. These people need to be careful when it comes to expenses and should show an interest in savings.

Life Path Number 4

People that resonate with this Life Path Number are usually knowledgeable. They typically excel when it comes to building or fixing anything. They have a gift when it comes to logical thinking and practical application, and for this reason most of the time they know how to ensure things work. These individuals are trustworthy, knowledgeable, grounded and practical. Unlike many other people, the Life Path 4 individuals has a gift of carrying out far-fetched and surreal plans right till the end. They are master innovators and visionaries.

Life Path Number 4 Should Work On Their Tact

These people take instructions well and can follow these with hard work and dedication. They make excellent entrepreneurs and outstanding managers. However, these people are frequently misunderstood. The willpower that they have to make sure everything gets done can be mistaken for stubbornness. Their brutal honesty is also taken up the wrong way by others. The tenacious attitude that they have can also be mistaken for obsessive-compulsive behavior. They are at their very best when under extreme pressure. These people also tend to become regressive, dogmatic and narrow-minded. They should focus on aspects like tact.

Life Path Number 5

People with a Life Path 5 have a very progressive approach when it comes to life. They are always striving to look at everything from a perspective that is new with an overall goal to make this world a much better place. They enjoy freedom, and they are adventurous and versatile. People approach the number 5s when they are looking for an abstract answer about life. 5s are continually evolving and changing.

Life Path Number 5 Should Be Taking Things More Seriously

The Life Path Number 5 people hate mundane and routine work and are usually not focused when it comes to everyday tasks. Most of these people are happy-go-lucky and carefree individuals that live from moment to moment. Due to this attitude, they can suffer on a professional level as well as parts of their personal lives. Professionally, most people do not take 5 seriously, which means the rise in a corporate environment is more than often stunted.

Life Path Number 6

The people with a Life Path Number 6 are the nurturers that stand for justice and truth. These people are house-proud and have powerful maternal or paternal instincts when it has to do with their family. They have empathy for people when it comes to friends, family and even their work colleagues. These people are usually very responsible and will not shy away when it comes to taking the initiative and charge in both the workplace and at home. However, these people can be extremely conservative, and any old convictions might be embedded deeply into these people’s genes.

Life Path Number 6 Can Be Dominating

These people are content and idealistic when they are in a comfort zone. They also make a great fair-weather friend and are usually dependable. The over the top caring nature of Life Path Number 6 means they often bite off a lot more than they can chew. They are devoted lovers who will often settle for a partner that is very needy or clingy. These people do not handle stress very well, and they are not good at tackling tough challenges. These types of people need to take care not to become too dominating or interfering.

Life Path Number 7

The number 7s are usually born as natural detectives. They are gifted with a very keen sense when it comes to observation along with an intuition that is strong which assists them in analyzing situations. These people are great thinkers and can evaluate a situation accurately and with ease. This makes this personality efficient when it comes to work, almost to the degree of perfection. This type of person also has high standards, yet they are affectionate and peaceful creatures but are usually wary when it comes to others. This usually has to do with their ability to detect even the slightest hint of insincerity or deception quickly.

Life Path Number 7 Needs To Trust More

The number 7s can find it a difficult task to make a friend or find a romantic partner, but once the relationship is secured, they stay loyal for life. Also, once a 7 has made a good friend, they are more prone to letting down their guard. It is this attitude that usually means these people are not very social and they are often mistaken for being high-headed and haughty. Many people see a 7 as aloof, reserved, and even judgemental. These people will often miss out on an exciting opportunity. These people need to understand the humor in life and lighten up.

Life Path Number 8

People with Life Path Number 8 are the type who strives to govern things. They also prefer leading, directing and organizing activities along with people. This type of person is very ambitious, goal-orientated, and focused. It is through these qualities that they often carve their niche. They are tenacious and incredibly hard-working people that ensure they get to the bottom of each task and make sure that every idea that they have is executed well. They have excellent control over the people and the environments that they work in.

Life Path Number 8 Should Avoid Obsessing

The number 8s are usually workaholics, yet they also have the gift for hiring great talent that can share their drive and enthusiasm. These individuals are also great motivators. However, in some cases, their overzealousness can interfere with practical thinking or suppress a few good talents. They need to monitor their dedication for it not to translate into the next obsession.

Life Path Number 9

The 9s are described as an extremely dramatic bunch. They have a very professional approach when it comes to life, combined with generosity and compassion. To explain it better, these people generally have a “humanitarian view” when it comes to life. These are honorable beings that you can trust with anything. They are free from prejudice and only look for the good when it comes to others. If anyone needs help, the 9 is almost always guaranteed to lend a helping hand. Their generosity is limitless, and when they do have any money, they will not think twice to share it with someone in need.

Life Path Number 9 Can Be Demanding

These people have pleasant personalities that draw people to them with ease. They also exude an aura that is magnetic along with a heart that is very sensitive inside. They make fantastic writers and artists. However, the 9s can become extremely demanding, and they may become tiring for others.

The Meaning Behind Your Life Path Number

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